What You Need to Know When Being Represented by a Competent Jackson Personal Injury Attorney

Many people cringe at the word ‘lawyer’ or car accident attorney. However, if you are on the receiving end of a personal injury, whether it be a car accident or a slip-and-fall, you may need a lawyer to assist with medical compensation, loss of work and, in some cases, future loss of income. Researching and consulting a Jackson personal injury attorney should be at the top of your list. Most Jackson accident and injury attorneys offer a free consultation.

A car accident attorney will request that you collect any evidence related to the accident, including any documentation that you have to prove someone else was at fault and proof of the damages for which you are requesting compensation. This also includes any medical related bills, or even prescriptions of medication. You should also keep any documentation from any doctor and/or hospital that treated you. If you have photos of the accident scene, eyewitnesses, personal pain and loss journals, proof of lost wages, and proof for every injury related cost, these should be ready to present to your lawyer for the free consultation.

Be certain to follow your doctor’s orders exactly. That means keeping appointments, following instructions, taking the medication prescribed and adhering to the plan of treatment. Be sure to ask the doctor for documentation of the treatment plan and instructions for your records and for your attorney.

Be aware of what you’re posting on social media and go the extra step to make your personal profile private. Anything you put on social media around and after the time of the accident can be used against you in a court case. Insurance companies do check social media as a form of research.

Your Jackson personal injury attorney will also want a journal of your day-to-day life after the injury. That means keeping a detailed log of how you feel, pain levels, personal losses, and how your life and family have suffered because of the injury. The information your lawyer may request differs from case to case, so be sure to consult with him or her to learn what sort of information they wish to have about your daily life.

The most beneficial reason to have a Jackson personal injury attorney during a personal injury or car accident case is to help with the insurance company. Insurance companies, as well as personal defendants, will want to settle. This is where patience pays off, literally. Your lawyer will typically contact you with settlement offers and advise you because ethically, they must; however, do not be quick to jump at the first one. Always allow your lawyer to negotiate. You have the final say through your representation.

There is a chance of any case going to trial if a settlement is not reached; however, most insurance companies do not want it to go any further than you do. You also do not want to try to collect on your own. Companies will often take advantage and call you directly before you can even consult a lawyer. While the pain may test your patience, do not let this get in the way of getting the amount you deserve or need to cover costs.

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